Our mission is dedicated to developing a sustainable project, strong, inclusive communities by working co-operatively.  In turn, this generates social and environmental benefits, namely;

  • Increases in reuse and recycling

  • Reduction in the total amount of waste produced

  • Reduced landfill

  • Provision of low cost products (e.g. reused furniture) to alleviate poverty

  • Provision of training to excluded communities

  • Creation of new jobs and work placements

  • Increased social capital

In addition, our main priority is to deliver an effective and efficient re-use and 
recycling service. However, it’s not just about waste – although we are passionate
about changing the way society consumes and disposes of waste we are also
determined to maximise social benefits every step of the way. We aim to:


  • Achieve social justice by empowering local people to make the best use of
    our resources (training, placements, and enhancing employability skills)

  • Champion practical self-sufficiency and waste conservation.

  • Enable efficient and effective environmental sustainability through new and existing Social Enterprises that support climate change, waste reduction, recycling and energy efficiency.

  • Promote and deliver Health & Well being projects to suit the needs of our communities

  • Achieve, build, position and sustain a conduit for recycling and re-use for the local community and organisations.