Coming soon...

We will be operating ‘Give It Away, Take It Away’ events which encourages local residents to donate unwanted but reusable goods and take away useful second-hand items for free. We are in the planning stages to run a programme of four events throughout the next year at a variety of community venues, to ensure that everyone in our community has the opportunity to donate goods and pick up needed items for free, providing the double service of promoting re-use and recycling while also alleviating poverty.

In addition, we run monthly Recycling Road Shows and educational events at community venues throughout the county of Torfaen, this allow us to take the Circulate project out into the community, expanding our reach and taking our service to the people. This programme takes Circulate to community venues so that local people can access affordable recycled goods and learn about the environmental benefits of re-use and recycling. The programme of road shows has a positive environmental impact by promoting recycling and diverting usable items from landfill, while providing our disadvantaged community with the opportunity to purchase low cost goods and services. Additionally, the programme provided the opportunity for volunteer involvement, supporting local residents to gain skills and experience and improving their confidence and community engagement.