Environmental Policy

Garnsychan Partnership recognises the importance of promoting, protecting and enhancing the environment as an essential prerequisite, together with social and economic measures, of engaging in and bringing about sustainable development.

To this end Garnsychan Partnership is committed in all its activities to ensuring

that it acts to increase, conserve or promote awareness of:

  • bio-diversity

  • natural resources and sustainable development

  • the ethos of reduce, reuse and recycle

  • the aesthetic qualities of the environment, both natural and built


Garnsychan Partnership regards action to conserve or create a sustainable

environment as an essential component of community development activity. 


Garnsychan Partnership is committed to making its own work an example of best practice for other groups in the area. In its work with other community organisations and voluntary groups it will encourage them to take the broadest possible view of their objectives and activities and to develop integrated policies and strategies which take the social, economic and environmental context of their work in to consideration.

Signed: Kenneth Clark